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American Sign Language Classes

American Sign Language Classes ASL classes introduce you to the deaf community, their language and their history.

Corporate Services and Training

Corporate Services and Training Specialists conduct educational seminars, trainings and ASL classes at your office!

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Offering both communications technology and training to people with combined hearing and vision loss.

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Comprehensive Program for the Deaf (CPD)

CPD is a program of the Columbus Speech & Hearing Center. Established in 1971, CPD provides vocational training and placement services to adults throughout Ohio who have a disability including those who are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing or Deaf-Blind. These services can be received out of our Columbus location or our Employment Specialists can travel to the hometown of the consumer to assist with employment. CPD helps individuals become productive, independent and successful on the job. There have been over 3,500 individuals served and 96% have been placed in competitive employment. The Program is strengthened by relationships with many reputable businesses that offer work experiences for the consumers. Our Employment Specialists are trained in the areas of education, rehabilitation, deafness, and counseling.

CPD offers a variety of services including:
  • Work Evaluation
  • Vocational and Educational Exploration
  • Work Adjustment
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Job Development & Job Placement
  • Job Intervention (job save)
  • Job Coaching & Follow-Along
  • Assistive Equipment Assessments

Most of these services can be accessed through the Crane Communication Center which is housed in the CPD program and offers individuals the opportunity to research, learn and train online. Each program is individualized. The kinds of services they receive depend on their individual goals and needs. The CPD staff are skilled in the areas of job training and development, Americans With Disabilities Act, Deafness, Deaf culture and communication.