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American Sign Language Classes

This program is designed to provide an opportunity for individuals to improve their communication abilities with co-workers and friends who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing and to educate those who may be losing their hearing, those incorporating signs in communicating with their hearing children, and those who simply have an interest in American Sign Language. This program is not designed to certify individuals to interpret. For information on interpreting programs please contact Columbus State Community College.

Community Classes are available for individuals, ages 18 years and older and are held at the Columbus Speech & Hearing Center. We offer ASL I, II, III and IV: Conversational Sign. ASL I class is $100.00, which includes the required text. ASL II, III and ASL IV: Conversational Sign are each $100. Each ASL class is held from 6 PM 8 PM one night a week for eight weeks.

ASL I In ASL I you are introduced to the world, culture and language of American Sign Language. You will learn to fingerspell the alphabet, sign numbers, sign simple courtesy phrases and gain an understanding of the structure of the language. You will learn new vocabulary each week and learn to incorporate it into sentences.

ASL II - Our level II Sign Language Class provides an opportunity for you to improve your communication abilities with people who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing. You will learn even more vocabulary, building on the vocabulary from ASL I, and learn more complex sentence structures.

ASL III Our level III Sign Language Class allows you to improve your communication abilities with people who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing further. You will learn more about grammatical structure; increase your knowledge of sign vocabulary, learn to identify and use classifiers, and much more.

ASL IV: Conversational Sign Conversational Sign allows you to utilize the vocabulary and sentence structures taught in ASL I, II and III and forces you to think on your feet through small group and class discussions. Students will build on their knowledge of ASL and expand their comfort level through natural conversations. Within the comfort of the classroom, this class offers students the benefit of practicing thinking in terms of ASL rather than English and helps transition students from classroom practice sentences to real life conversations.

NEW! ASL Alumni Club Use and improve your ASL skills! Join other ASL learners the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6:308:00pm for games, fun activities and conversation lead by ASL instructor. For $60 you will receive a punch card good for any 12 sessions.
*The ASL Alumni Club is for anyone who has completed ASL 1 or higher.

American Sign Language Classes are starting soon! Please see our list of current classes, by clicking the link on the right side of this page, for dates and times.

For more information, contact the ASL Coordinator at or 614.261.5792.

Click here to register for any of our American Sign Language Classes!