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Ohio Deaf-Blind Outreach Program (ODBOP)

The Ohio Deaf-Blind Outreach Program (ODBOP) is a Helen Keller National Center Affiliate that provides vocational and non-vocational services to individuals with Deaf-Blindness. ODBOP strives to empower people ages 15 and over who are Deaf-Blind to attain their highest vocational potential and improve their quality of life.

Deaf-Blind specialists work with consumers throughout Ohio by providing direct services, which are individualized, based on the consumer’s age, communication abilities, vocational/educational pursuit, need for public safety, independence and more. In addition, Deaf-Blind Specialists are skilled in American Sign Language, tactile sign and the use of adaptive equipment. They are also committed to consumer success in the home and community.

ODBOP services may include:
  • Job placement
  • Job coaching
  • Assistance identifying work related skills and appropriate jobs
  • Communication and technology assessment
  • Recommendations and training for adaptive equipment
  • Training about Deaf-Blindness and communication techniques for those who live or work with Deaf-Blind Individuals
Qualification for ODBOP services is not limited to those individuals who are completely deaf and/or completely blind. Deaf-Blindness is defined as a functional loss of both hearing and vision, which impacts a person’s ability to live an independent and productive life.