10 Ways to Use those Toilet Paper Rolls!

Friday, March 5th, 2021

With this Therapy Share we’ll be helping you use your toilet paper and paper towel rolls to spark some language-rich, creative play!

  1. Staple 2 tubes together to make binoculars. Attach a string for a strap. Go on a birdwatching/animal watching walk.
  2. Cut 3 slits partway up around the tube, squish the cut end together and secure with tape to make an ice cream cone. Use kinetic sand, playdough, or wadded up scrap paper and play ice cream shoppe.
  3. Tape 3-4 tubes together as a telescope. Stick paper stars around the house. Send your child on a star hunt.
  4. Cut a tube into pieces, cut open on one side and decorate with paint, markers, gems, beads, etc. to make cuff bracelets. Put on dress up clothes and have a fashion show.
  5. Cut a tube into pieces and decorate to make napkin rings. Host a “fancy” dinner for your family.
  6. Tape 3-4 tubes together to make a pirate telescope. Turn a couch or bed into a pirate ship and sail the seas.
  7. Collect several tubes to use as bowling pins. Find a small ball or wad up some paper. Have a bowling tournament.
  8. Cut a tube into pieces to make rings. Stick a crayon or markers in a ball of playdough or have someone hold it upright. Play a game of mini ring toss!!
  9. Fold one end over and tape it shut. Fill with dry beans, beads, or stones. Fold and tape the other end to make a maraca. Play some dancing music and shake it to the beat!!
  10. Cut a tube to fit your child’s forearm. Cut a slit down the center lengthwise. Add a superpower logo. Slip the superhero cuffs on your child’s amr. Add a towel or fabric cape and Save the Universe!!

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