Bringing Better Hearing & Speech to Central Ohio

Friday, May 28th, 2021

We listen to more than 30,000 words and speak over 7,000 words every day. Communication is vital to our human connection, and at Columbus Speech & Hearing Center (CSHC) we ensure that individuals and children facing communication challenges are being served and impacted. 

Serving central Ohio since 1923, CSHC provides vital intervention and therapy to more than 5,000 people annually. Untreated hearing loss and speech challenges have serious emotional and social consequences, including depression, anxiety, emotional instability, withdrawal, and isolation. Children, without early intervention, are not ready for kindergarten and may not have success in school or later in life. 

We’re not just one Center; we’re expanding our reach. CSHC provides services in over 15 local schools, 40 early childhood locations, and 13 different local libraries annually. Now we also have an office in Dublin, Ohio. 

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CSHC is a nonprofit organization that counts on the support of volunteers and donors to continue to provide services and programs so that people of all ages receive the intervention and therapy needed for their communication challenges. 

Regardless of size, financial support goes to work immediately by ensuring that care, compassion, and help is provided to children and individuals in our community who face communication challenges. 

As we prepare for Better Hearing & Speech Month in May, please consider giving a gift so the next person who walks through our doors will leave experiencing better hearing and speech. 

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