Don’t Get “Board” With Speech

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

By Abbey Vielhaber

Flash cards to practice sounds or concepts can be helpful, but it’s good to have a little fun, too! Try one of these board games to mix up your normal practicing routine!

Candy Land:
  • Practice /k/ or /g/ by having them say each time: “My/your turn to pick a card” or “I got…(2 yellows, 1 red)
  • Practice questions by having them ask “Can I pick your card?” or “Can I go?”
  • Practice pronouns by describing what the characters are doing on the board
  • Practice asking questions, categories, and describing words while narrowing down what your item might be
  • Practice any sound at the conversation level
Hungry Hungry Hippos:
  • Practice past-tense verbs (ie: I got…, He ate…, He swallowed…, He pushed, etc)
  • Practice /g/ with “My guy got.. (# of marbles)” at the end of each round
  • Practice counting and final consonants while counting your marbles (one, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten)
  • Practice S-blends by saying: “My turn to spin” or “I spun a….”
  • Practice /l/ by saying: “I landed on..(#)” each turn
  • Practice pronouns and action words by having them describe what the different characters are doing as you pass each picture
  • Practice inferencing by having them guess what happened each time their character passes the bottom of a slide
Guess Who:
  • Practice /s/ by asking “Does your person have…?”
  • Practice forming different questions with: “Is your person…? Does your person…? Do you…?”
  • Practice describing words and synonyms as they think of a question that will differentiate the remaining people on their board (ie: big nose/large nose, blonde hair/yellow hair, skinny nose/narrow nose, etc)