What happens during the evaluation?

Monday, September 25th, 2017

The evaluation usually takes 1-2 hours. Standardized tests and procedures utilized during testing are determined by your child’s age and ability level. A parent may be present in the room during the evaluation; however, if multiple persons/siblings are accompanying the child to the evaluation, it may be necessary to observe through a 2-way mirror. 

The Speech/Language Pathologist assesses the following areas, as needed:

  • Pertinent history prior to the evaluation – based on questionnaire and interview
  • Receptive Language – what your child understands
  • Expressive Language – what your child says
  • Social Skills – how your child plays and interacts with others
  • Articulation – how our child says speech sounds
  • Oral Motor Skills – how your child’s jaw, lips, tongue and teeth work in coordinated movements for speech
  • Voice – pitch and volume
  • Fluency – rate and flow of speech
  • Hearing Screening – attempted for all children 3+ years