Fun Fall Ways to Incorporate Speech & Language

Friday, October 30th, 2020

By: Sarah Denman, M.A. CCC-SLP

Colorful leaves, juicy apples, spooky ghosts, smiling jack-o-lanterns – it can only mean one thing… fall is here! Take advantage of this special time to target speech/language skills in creative, easy ways.

Go on a leaf hunt!

Early Language

Adjectives: colors (red, green, yellow, orange, big, small, smooth, rough, bumpy, dry 

Prepositions: under, on top, below, above, next to, in front of

Action words: jump, rake, find, look, stomp, march, walk, pick

Articulation: /l/ in “leaf”, “collect”, and “look”; /f/ in “find” and “leaf”

Social skills: Take turns showing leaves, ask others questions such as “Which one is your favorite?”

Make a leaf person! Target requesting (e.g. “glue please”) and body parts

Pumpkins and Gourds!

Early Language

Vocabulary: pumpkin, patch, stem, seed, vine, leaves, body parts (eyes, nose, mouth when carving)

Adjectives: heavy, light, smooth, bumpy, bright, dark, orange, prickly, slimy, sticky

Articulation: s-blends in “stem,” “small,” “smooth,” “slimy,” “sticky”

Social Skills: Staying with the family or group when looking for questions, ask questions to others (“Do you like this one?”)


Early Language

Adjectives: sparkly, bright, long, short, spooky, colors

Action words: dress up, put on, take off, put on your __ (e.g. head)

Nouns: pants, shirt, dress, hat, body parts (e.g. arms, legs)

Articulation: Practice your sounds while talking about your costume!

Social skills: Pretend to be the character that you dressed up as! What would they say? What would they do?


Want more ideas? Check out these websites and CSHC’s Autumn Activities Pinterest page for more fall fun activities.

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