Getting Ready for School

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

Getting your child ready for school in the morning can feel like a race against the clock. For children with language delays, you may feel that you are constantly giving reminders of what needs to happen next. Maybe you find yourself breaking down the steps even further to complete specific activities. Perhaps your child is capable of following the morning routine on their own, but needs reminders to move at a faster pace. Try some of the tips below to reduce the stress and increase independence in the mornings!

Tips for a smoother morning routine:

  • Follow the same routine each day. This allows for consistency and predictability for you and your child.
  • Give one direction at a time. Multi-step directions may be challenging in the morning while under a time crunch for both the child and parent.  Instead of saying “get your shoes and coat,” ask your child to “get your shoes.”
  • Leave extra time. This allows your child an opportunity to complete the task themselves leading to an increase in independence.
  • Use simple, but specific language. Reduce frustration by setting clear expectations.  Instead of saying “get dressed,” try “Put your shirt on.”
  • Use visual supports. Visual supports can be used both for each step in the routine or steps within each activity to increase understanding.