Employer Solutions

  • Pre-screened applicants
  • Motivated employees excited about working
  • Candidates with skills sets that add value to their organization
  • Business solutions that improve productivity and workflow
  • On-site coaching services
  • Links to federal tax credits

Business Solutions

We can help employers maintain successful and productive employees. Staff provides support during transitions in the workplace including:

  • Change in management/new supervisor
  • Environmental changes
  • Transfers
  • Promotions
  • Equipment assessment
  • Change in work responsibilities
  • Performance reviews
  • Assist in sharpening and upgrading skills
  • Interpret and explain new policies and procedures

For more information about our menu of corporate services contact Jamie Noon, Director of CPD, at (614) 261-5772 or by email at jnoon@columbusspeech.org.

Business Partners