Hearing Aid Services

Most people with hearing loss can receive benefit with hearing aids. The first step to a successful hearing aid fitting is to understand what you can expect when you wear hearing aids.

  • Hearing aids are designed to amplify sounds in the areas where you have hearing loss, so that sounds are audible to you. The goal is to make soft sounds audible, to make average sounds comfortable and keep loud sounds within your comfort level.
  • Hearing aids cannot restore “normal” auditory function, nor can they bring your hearing back to the normal hearing you may have had at one time.
  • For most people, hearing loss occurs gradually over a period of years. It will take some time to adjust to hearing sounds that you have been missing for some time. Using your hearing aids on a consistent basis will give you the best benefit over time and will help develop your ability to distinguish speech sounds from background noise.
  • Hearing aids are available in different styles and technology levels, and one size does not fit all! Selecting a hearing aid that is best suited for your particular type and/or degree of hearing loss and your listening needs will result in the best fit. The degree to which hearing aids will improve your ability to understand speech is largely based on the extent of your hearing loss.
  • Hearing aid technology is available to help reduce background noise and to make conversation easier to understand in noisy situations. However, it is important to remember that a hearing aid cannot completely eliminate all background noises.
  • There are practical limits to the amount of benefit a hearing aid can provide; your audiologist will identify your special listening needs and help you understand what you can realistically expect with your hearing aid.

Just as both eyes are corrected for people with vision loss, it is usually beneficial to amplify both ears, if both ears have hearing loss. Some of the advantages of binaural hearing (hearing with two ears) are listed below:

  • Improved ability to localize the source of a sound
  • Better ability to understand speech, particularly in noisy and difficult listening settings
  • Hearing equally from both sides provides a more natural or balanced sense of hearing
  • An unaided ear may lose the ability to recognize or discriminate words more quickly than an ear that is aided

Most people with hearing loss in both ears will benefit from the use of two hearing aids. At the time of your evaluation and consultation, your audiologist will make the appropriate recommendation for you.

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