Speech Services

Speech-language disorders can affect young children, adolescents, and adults. Our licensed and certified speech-language pathologists know that early diagnosis and treatment is key to eliminating or minimizing future challenges in school, social settings, and day-to-day routines.

Licensed and certified speech-language pathologists offer in person and virtual screenings, evaluations and treatment for a variety of skilled areas including:

  • Articulation/phonology
  • Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • Social pragmatic language (social interaction)
  • Oral-motor skills
  • Orofacial Myofunctional
  • Fluency
  • Voice
  • Phonological awareness/early literacy
  • Accent modification/reduction
  • Hearing impaired/cochlear implant

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Evaluation Services

Speech-Language Evaluation

A speech-language evaluation is an assessment of an individual’s communication skills to determine if a speech-language delay or disorder is present. A licensed SLP will complete an evaluation in person or via teletherapy using standardized test measures, clinical observation, and by gathering information via case history and caregiver reports. The evaluation is scheduled within a two-hour block of time and a comprehensive report will be mailed to the client/caregiver following the evaluation.

If you are unsure if you need an evaluation or want to talk to someone about first steps, ask our Business Office about our free Chatterbox phone consult service with a licensed SLP or our in Center speech and hearing screening services.

Download: Speech and Language Evaluation [PDF]

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Individual Therapy Services

Our Clintonville-based clinic offers individual therapy services in a central location with free and convenient parking. We accept most private insurances, Medicaid, and offer a sliding-fee scale. With over 20 SLPs on staff, we have a variety of skill sets to meet the needs of every client. We pride ourselves on offering family-centered care; caregivers can participate in therapy sessions or watch from an observation space attached to each therapy room. Clients participate in weekly therapy sessions focused on individualized goals.

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Now scheduling individual teletherapy speech sessions! Teletherapy allows clients to make progress and meet their communication goals virtually. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (614) 263-5151.

Group Therapy Services

Small group therapy opportunities are offered for children of all ages. Group therapy offers the opportunity to build valuable speech-language skills, while “practicing” these skills with peers in a play-centered environment. All groups are facilitated by a licensed speech-language pathologist.

Download: Groups

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