Through our popular Chatterbox program, parents have an opportunity to talk with a speech-language pathologist at a play café, library storytime, or local rec center. Within this informal environment, parents can get information on developmental milestones and general strategies for building communication skills.

For more information, call (614) 263-5151.

Download: Speech and Language Evaluation [PDF]

School Services

Columbus Speech & Hearing Center provides contracted speech-language therapy services to a variety of schools and early learning centers throughout central Ohio. Some of our contract partnerships include:

  • All Saint’s Academy
  • Central Ohio Parkinson’s Society
  • Columbus Early Learning Centers
  • Columbus School for Girls
  • Dahlberg Learning Center
  • Holy Spirit School
  • Marburn Academy
  • Polaris Christian Academy
  • St. Andrew School
  • St. Joseph Montessori
  • St. Mary’s School
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran School
  • St. Timothy Catholic School
  • The Wellington School
  • Tree of Life Christian School – Dublin
  • Tree of Life Christian School – Indianola

Download: Contract Services [PDF]

Screening Services

We provide on-site speech and/or hearing screenings to more than 35 private schools, preschools and childcare centers each year.

A speech screening will provide a brief survey of communication skills (speech sounds, what your child understands, how he/she uses words to communicate, flow and rate of speech and vocal quality) in order to identify children who may have or be at risk for problems with any of these areas.

A hearing screening will involve a quick test to quickly identify the presence of a hearing impairment and/or middle ear problem using pure tone audiometry and tympanometry.

Referrals and recommendations are made following all screenings.

Please call Pam France at 614-261-5492 to schedule a screening event at your preschool, daycare, or other community location.

Download: Community Screening Services [PDF]