Literacy for Little Ones

Monday, February 1st, 2021

Reading Tips:

  1. If they will only sit for 1-2 pages right now, that’s okay! It’s better to stop while it’s a positive experience rather than making reading a battle.
  2. Let (or help) your child turn the pages to help them feel like they’re participating.
  3. Especially for older toddlers, point to the words as you read.
  4. If your child wants to read the same book ten times in a row, just keep reading. It helps them learn.
  5. If your child walks away, keep reading. They are still listening, even while they play.

Why Read With Little Ones:

  1. Helps them learn new words
  2. Provides quiet bonding time
  3. Helps create positive feelings toward reading
  4. Gives exposure to simple, repetitive phrases
  5. Introduces children to print/written words

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

This FREE resource provides children ages birth through five years with a new book every month. Eligibility is based upon whether there is an affiliate program in your area, and many communities in Columbus have one of these programs! To register and see if your family is eligible, click on Register My Child.

Read Outside the Box

  1. Don’t be afraid to veer away from just reading words on the page.
  2. Comment on other objects, people, and actions happening in the picture.
  3. Have your child predict what will happen next (before turning the page).
  4. Try reading a wordless picture book and make up your own story (Good Dog, Carl).
  5. Find an unfamiliar picture book and have your child make up a story.
  6. Act out parts of the story as you read them.