Make Speech “Egg”citing!

Friday, May 1st, 2020

Eggs provide entertainment that lasts well beyond the Easter season, so why not use them to practice your child’s speech goals?!

  • For “WHO” Questions:
    • Have your child find or dye eggs with you or someone else and after, discuss “who” made or found each egg
  • For Requesting:
    • Hide the eggs in eyesight but out of reach to encourage requests for the egg. You can also tape eggs shut to encourage requests for help opening the egg to find their surprise!
  • For Speech Sounds:
    • Hide pictures/words in plastic eggs, practicing each word by itself or making up a sentence for each egg/word found!
  • For Categories or Same/Different:
    • Find dollar store trinkets, snacks, stickers, or small toys in the plastic eggs, and after finding them, sort by color, object, category, etc.
  • For Prepositions:
    • Talk about where your child found each egg; in the drawer, under the couch, on top of the lamp, etc.
  • For “What-Happened” Questions:
    • Dye hard-boiled eggs and talk about actions like “mixing the dye, stirring it up, dropping the egg in, holding it in, scooping it out, changing the color,” etc.

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This post written for you by Abbey Vielhaber, M.A., CCC-SLP of Columbus Speech & Hearing Center