We’ve always known our team was special. Their commitment to serving their community to ensure everyone has the resources they need to overcome communication challenges has been the back bone of our organization for 98 years. But, 2020 has shown just how committed they truly are. A true passion for helping and providing hope has guided our team through this unpredictable year.

During these unprecedented times our team has adapted, evolved and worked to find creative solutions. We’ve continued providing care during these times because we know that now, more than ever, communication is the key to inclusion. Our services allow individuals of all abilities to be included in the world around them through improved communication and awareness.

And while our team has remained the front-line heroes, we’d also like to acknowledge the donors who have stepped up and supported us through 2020.

As a non-profit organization we are proud to serve those in need through the support of donors. Speech, language and hearing problems affect one of every 10 people, and the impact is profound at any age. The funding we receive from donors ensures that all individuals, regardless of age, race, gender identity, income and insurance, are provided quality care enabling them to achieve their full potential as members of this community. Our services ensure that no child or adult’s communication is hindered during these socially distant times. The support we’ve received ensures that we can serve during these unprecedented times, and continue to serve well-beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

So, THANK YOU, to our team, our clients, patients and students, our donors, our community partners, and all of our supporters. Here’s an update of how we’ve continued serving in 2020. These are your dollars at work.



As a result of COVID-19 our speech department faced unprecedented challenges – temporarily closing our offices in early March, pivoting to teletherapy, and a PPE-filled in-person therapy process, just to name a few.

During these difficult times our team remained dedicated to serving their clients. Our Speech team demonstrated positivity and creativity. Increased communications and digital resources were provided. Teletherapy expanded and our therapists worked to provide the same exceptional quality of care... from an iPad!

“Rocco’s speech therapy has gone so well and every week we see progress. We were hesitant to continue virtually once COVID impacted going into the center, but Eileen has made the encounters engaging and interactive enough for a 5 year old to learn and have fun. We highly recommend Columbus Speech & Hearing!” – Parent of CSHC Client

“My family receives services via telehealth and my kids count down the days till their sessions. I am impressed and thrilled with how hard Julie and Leslie work to make therapy by iPad a continued fun and incredibly useful experience!!” – Parent of CSHC JAM Group Clients


COVID masks have created communication barriers for all of us to some extent. It is hard to hear, hard to read lips, hard to read the expressions of others, and hard to communicate. The mandated masks around our community, nation, and the world can serve as a reminder of the barrier experienced by those who are hard of hearing or Deaf. You can be a part of breaking those barriers by learning American Sign Language.

American Sign Language is just one way you can open up yourself to those around you. We’ve moved our ASL courses online in response to COVID-19 and have even added more classes to accommodate our participants.

New in 2020 we launched ASL Baby. In ASL Baby families are given the tools to increase and improve communication with baby. Each family learns the different signs needed to convey simple words and phrases. In addition to sign language, parents and baby will be provided a breadth of resources from experts in the speech and development field. You can learn more at