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Audiology: Senior Options
Our audiology team having some fun while remaining protected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping Seniors Hear the World Around Them

Columbus Speech & Hearing Center (CSHC) is proud to announce its continued partnership with Franklin County Office on Aging to provide diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology services to eligible individuals over the age of 60 residing in Franklin County.

The Hearing Healthcare Outreach program through Senior Options provides services to seniors who are unable to receive hearing healthcare through a more traditional clinic setting, due to possible economic, transportation, or health-related barriers.

"We are so pleased to be able to offer this program, in 2019 we evaluated 190 seniors,” James Dye, President & CEO, said. “It is our daily goal to help individuals improve communication for life and the Hearing Healthcare Outreach program does just that”

True to its mission of unlocking potential for individuals with communication and challenges through all stages of life, Columbus Speech & Hearing Center is dedicated to addressing the growing need for senior hearing healthcare services in our community. In 2019, more than 420 seniors were served through The Hearing Healthcare Outreach Program.

“This program is wonderful and was extremely helpful to my life” Gail Butnett, a Franklin County senior who utilized the program, said. “Losing my hearing was something I had to accept and losing your hearing as an adult is especially hard. When I learned about this program and my options, it was the first time I didn't feel stuck.”

The Hearing Healthcare Outreach program will promote health and wellness for seniors who wish to remain active in our community and live independently as well as assist them to communicate successfully so they can re-engage with family, friends, and healthcare providers.

With the lack of medical insurances that cover hearing aids and the rising cost of medication and other healthcare services, Franklin County’s Senior Option Program and Columbus Speech & Hearing Center have been partnering together for 25 years to provide a helpful option for seniors. Together they have provided service and treated the hearing loss of thousands of seniors all over Franklin County.

Audiology Patients Served in 2019: 2,251
Hearing Evaluations through Senior Options: 190
Appointments through Senior Options: 4,069
Hearing Aids Provided through Senior Options: 110

Speech: Screenings & Outreach
Miss Megan reading with the Dahlberg Learning Center.

“Columbus Speech and Hearing is a joy to work with.  [They] do our speech and hearing screenings every year in our preschool and it’s always been such a great experience.  We love the partnership we have with their organization and plan to continue it for years to come.”

– Shara Reiss, LISW, Early Intervention Specialist, JCC


Community-Focused Solutions to Communication Challenges

Speech, language, and hearing disorders in children can lead to learning challenges and difficulty with social interactions that may persist into adulthood. Screenings are a way to detect such issues early and determine whether a child might need a more comprehensive evaluation. As a result of a full speech/language evaluation, appropriate recommendations and referral resources can be provided so that any necessary intervention can be done in a timely manner.

Communication skills are essential in building the foundation of academic readiness. The first five years of a child’s life are critical for their development of speech and language skills. Early detection allows a family to consider treatment options that will set their child on a path for success.

Because of the generous donations received last year, our team has been able to perform early detection screenings for more than 1900 children in preschool and childcare settings at no cost to the family. These generous donations were able to fund our work to ensure children with communication disorders develop the language skills to actively learn.

Our Screening Outreach program provides speech- language and hearing screenings in preschool and child care settings, thereby helping to identify children with speech, language and hearing delays or disorders. We then provide families with the appropriate recommendations and referral resources so that any necessary treatment and intervention can be done in a timely manner.

Our organization is passionate about our mission, and we are guided by current research that demonstrates a link between a child’s language skills in preschool and their academic success later in life. Our ability to offer on-going service and excellence in early detection is only possible through continued support for our programs. Support for these critical needs is made possible through donations.

Total Unique Individuals Served:   1,512
Individual Speech Therapy Sessions:  17,664
Individual Speech Therapy Sessions at Contract Sites: 7,258
Group Sessions:   2,625
Evaluations:  557
Autism Diagnostic Clinic:   20
Screenings: 4558

Partnering to serve the community, CSHC provides speech therapy services at over 20 local schools, speech, language, and hearing screenings at over 40 early childhood locations, and community outreach at 13 different local libraries annually.

ASL: Program Overview
Our ASL classes went virtual in 2020!

A Different Way To Communicate

We offer American Sign Language (ASL) classes to open the doors of communication and increase awareness and understanding of the hard of hearing and Deaf community. Our ASL instructors are experts in the field and, combined, they have more than 125 years of experience with sign language and Deaf culture. Using this knowledge-base and their passion for ASL, instructors begin courses by teaching Deaf culture as the foundation for learning and practicing American Sign Language.

Each class is tailored to the needs of the students to ensure a solid understanding and development of communication and language skills. Students learn that the fundamentals of ASL include both hand gestures (signs) and facial expressions. This required focus on facial expressions and body language enhances cognitive activity and emotional awareness.

In 2019, we held 23 different American Sign Language courses. More than 300 students participated in our American Sign Language Courses improving their cognitive function and increasing their emotional intelligence. These students are helping to breakdown communication and cultural barriers in their community by participating in our American Sign Language courses.


Did you know?

Our Support Service Provider Program (SSP Program) offers transportation, sighted guiding, and communication assistance (including tactile sign language) to Deaf-Blind (DB) people in their everyday activities so they may lead more independent lives.

The SSP Program provided 236.5 hours of service in 2019!
SSP Program provided 236.5 hours of service.
ASL held 23 different courses, 184 different classes.
ASL had more than 300 students.

CPD: Farewell Acknowledgement

Thank you to our CPD team and the donors who supported their work for many years.

A New Opportunity

People who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and hard of hearing in central Ohio can enjoy the benefits of two major non-profits coming together to provide Employment Services from one convenient location.

Columbus Speech & Hearing Center (CSHC) and Deaf Services Center, Inc. (DCS) have collaborated to ensure the continued offering of career exploration, job application help, community-based assessments, job skills training, job development, coaching and retention in central Ohio. As of January 1, 2020, the two non-profit centers joined forces to transition Columbus Speech & Hearing Center’s employment services to Deaf Services Center, Inc.. This joint effort enabled continuity of service for those individuals who received employment services through CSHC. DSC will continue to provide employment services to individuals with disabilities including those who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind, or hard of hearing.

Since 1971, Columbus Speech & Hearing Center provided employment support services through their Careers for People with Disabilities program (originally the Comprehensive Program for the Deaf). Deaf Services Center began offering employment services beginning in 2014. Both Centers are CARF accredited. For the past 5 years, both centers offered the community’s premier employment assistance programs for individuals who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind, or hard of hearing .

“Combining our talented team with DSC will create a more robust program to serve the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Further, narrowing our {CSHC} focus to our core services of Audiology, Hearing Aids and Speech Services, will allow us to better meet the needs of those living with hearing impairment or communication disorders and allow us to expand our geographic service area.” -James O. Dye, CEO, Columbus Speech & Hearing Center

“This is a first step to an outstanding partnership with the Columbus Speech & Hearing Center and will pave the way for future projects and partnerships benefitting the communities we serve.” – John L. Moore, CEO, Deaf Services Center

Established in 1991, Deaf Services Center, Inc. (DSC) empowers those faced with language barriers by promoting access to communication. Their resources help those who have hearing loss or are non-English users to fully access the English language in communicating with others. Headquartered in central Ohio with satellite offices serving the northwest and southeast areas of the state, DSC is the largest provider of services in Ohio for individuals who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and hard of hearing . A 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, DSC works hard to empower the communities we serve. For more information, please visit their website at

Volunteer Highlight:
Inspire Others to Take Action
Here you can see volunteers from EXPRESS, facilitated by BESA, working to deep clean and organize our materials closet. The closet contains toys, games, and educational materials used by our Speech-Language Pathologists in therapy to help clients reach their goals.

Volunteers Champion Our Cause

2019 brought a new partnership to Columbus Speech & Hearing Center. BESA, a local volunteer organization, joined the CSHC family.

As champions for our cause, BESA volunteers spent hours tackling numerous necessary facility projects. These fabulous volunteers enthusiastically participated in the highly successful 2019 Halloween Hop!

Volunteers are crucial to the success of our mission. The hours, work, and dedication of volunteers means inevitable and important projects are accomplished and, at the same time, enables staff to focus on providing our mission-critical services. Our volunteers have saved our organization an estimated $39,984!*

Volunteer Hours
Total Hours for 2019: 1,470

If you or an organization you are a part of would like to volunteer with CSHC, send us an email!

*Volunteer time is valued at $27.20 per hour by the